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Sharing the Gospel with the Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated

Witnessing to the Wealthy, Worldly, & Well-Educated

We talk and write much of the neglected poor; should not some attention be given also to the neglected rich? Many look upon this class as hopeless…Thousands of wealthy men have gone to their graves unwarned because they have been judged by appearance and passed by as hopeless subjects. But, indifferent as they may appear, I have been shown that most of this class are soul-burdened. There are thousands of rich men who are starving for spiritual food. Many in official life feel their need of something which they have not. Few among them go to church, for they feel that they receive no benefit. The teaching they hear does not touch the soul. Shall we make no personal effort in their behalf?
— Ellen White, Testimonies for the Church Volume 6, 78.3

our mission

The Nicodemus Society is a fellowship of Seventh-day Adventist Christians.  We are committed to hastening Christ’s return by sharing the Everlasting Gospel with the Wealthy, Worldly, and Well-Educated (“W3”) of society.